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Welcome to the ARYSL Referee Page.  Below we hope you find the information for:
District Referee Information
District Referee Contact Information
Information on how to become a referee
Referee Courses
Send-offs / Red Cards & what steps to take
Laws of the Game
Evaluation Forms

**CLICK HERE** for the District VI Referee Page

**CLICK HERE** for the District VI Referee Courses

Information for all New Referees from USSF
        Good First Impressions
        Dress and act Professional
        Take Charge
        Inspecting the Field
        Checking in the Players
        Dealing with Problem Coaches
        Dealing with Problem Players
        Dealing with Problem Parents
        Referee Resources

Send offs / Red Cards
Each playing league and each tournament is different.  Don't assume if you have handled a red card in the past, it will be handled the same way this time.  Communication is key.

If you are a REFEREE and you issue a RED CARD, please contact ARYSL Referee Coordinator, Bill Hall, or Ed Miles immediately.  We want to make sure all is handled correctly.

If you are a PLAYER or COACH and you are issued a RED CARD.  Please print out a NON PARTICAPATION FORM, then contact ARYSL Referee Coordinator.  Bill will do his best to describe the steps involved.  Dismissed Coaches is a minimum of a 2 game suspension.

ARYSL wants your feedback, good, bad or indifferent.  

A Great link for questions about the Laws of the Game 

Video to explain the Laws affecting Offsides    

ARYSL is very proud of our referees, especially our youth referees.  Verbal abuse of referees will not be tolorated.
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