The Best Soccer Coaches Of All Time

There are a lot of reasons that a soccer team might find victory on the field. It might be superb performance put on by a single player, or a carefully orchestrated team play that sees the side push out ahead of their opponents.

It might be that one team plays better in a certain kind of weather, or that a team playing at home is more motivated.

Above all of that, however, the head coach often has the most influence on how well a team performs. Coaches are there through the team’s training, for their pep talks, and for their matches against their competitors.

They can often make or break a team, and there have been a number of coaches throughout modern soccer history that have managed to take their team to the next level. Here we will be looking at some of the best soccer coaches that have ever lived.

Matt Busby

As part of the Manchester United side, Sir Matt Busby was able to take the Red Devils to the two in two different seasons, once in the early 1950’s, and then again in the 1960’s. His team was known as the Busby Babes and consisted of a number of younger players that included Duncan Edwards and Bobby Charlton.

They were set to shake the foundations of the sport and take Manchester United to entirely new levels, but unfortunately 8 of the team were killed during the Munich tragedy. After that, Busby was able to put a new team together and once again led them to win First Division trophies, which he added to his already impressive range of wins.

Pep Guardiola

Guardiola has become a legend in his own right thanks to the many victories that he’s managed to add to his resume. The Barcelona boss is known for his ability to put together a team that’s able to work extremely well together and go on to win game after game.

He’s also known for being inspirational, with one of the most prominent examples being a video that was given to his players during the 2008/09 Champions League, which seemingly gave his team the motivation they need to grab the win for that event and was almost as popular as today’s global bingo sites.

Rinus Michels

Often considered one of the best coaches of all time, Michels was a Dutch-born leader that led the Netherlands national soccer team to victory during the 1974 World Cup. He made a name for himself taking small and unknown teams and turning them into victors with seemingly little effort, and it’s a skill that he took with him to a number of different teams over the years.

Ajax is an excellent example of this, where he was able to bring the team to the finale of the 1969 European Cup, although they eventually lost the trophy to Milan. The team would go on to return some two years later, where they would take the win for the first time in their history.

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