The Biggest Soccer Clubs In The World Right Now

It’s commonly believed that the most important aspect of a team is its players, and while this is true to a certain extent, it doesn’t provide a view of the whole picture.

Soccer clubs are large entities that have been around for decades – and sometimes longer – and are the home base for not just the players and the teams, but for the coaches, the managers, and everyone involved in making professional soccer happen.

In fact, without the backing of large soccer clubs, including the resources that they provide, there’s a good chance that most of the international events that we know and love so much would simply not be able to take place. Clubs keep everything in check, ensuring that there are always new, skilled players to compete against one another, but also that popular events go down smoothly. These are some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world right now.


There aren’t many soccer fans that haven’t heard of Barcelona, a club known for producing some of the greatest players of all time. They’re arguably the largest club on the face of the earth, boasting a history that’s packed with countless wins, financial success, and more than a handful of players that have gone on to become legends in the soccer world.

Their main rivals are Real Madrid with whom they’ve battled countless times over the years. Barcelona, like Madrid, are known for housing truly great players, but unlike Madrid, they tend to focus on youth talent, looking to grab the next soccer sensation as early as possible. With 91 trophies behind them, Barcelona is a titan in the world of soccer.

Real Madrid

Not far behind Barcelona is Real Madrid, a club that needs no introduction. Holding the current record for the most Champion League wins of all time, among many other trophies, Real Madrid is a true powerhouse in the industry, and have long been at the front of the pack in terms of sheer success.

They hold multiple records from European events and have also been the home base of some of the most recognisable players in the history of soccer.  Some of these include David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, but probably the most well-known of them all is Cristiano Ronaldo, who many considered one of the best soccer players that has ever lived, so popular that his likeness can be found in various kinds of media, from video games to slots at https://onlinegamblingcasino.xyz/.


Celtic is both one of the most successful club of all time, but also one of the oldest. Based in Scotland, they front almost all of the international events that Scotland takes part in, making them the leader in Scottish football overall. Over the years, they’ve managed to win 51 Scottish league championships trophies, including a long nine-year winning streak that no other team was able to break. They’ve had major success in the past, having won the European Club as well as a number of other events. In total, Celtic has won a total of 106 trophies over the course of its long and illustrious career.

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