The Future Of International Soccer

Soccer is the world’s biggest game; experts expect that will continue to grow to in large numbers despite the global loss of interest in sports. At the moment, most soccer events around the world have been canceled due to lock down, with most professional teams and clubs only starting to resume their team training sessions.

It’s an unprecedented time for the sport, but the future remains extremely hopeful as other popular sports slowly lose their fan bases. 

When Soccer Will Resume

Right now, it’s unclear when the big, international tournaments are set to start up again, but it’s believed that almost everything will be held back until 2021. This has caused a number of problems with player contracts, especially for the many dozens of pro players that were set to see their contracts come to an end by the time July comes around.

In a statement, FIFA announced that all contracts will be extended until the end of the current season, and it’s generally believed that most players whose contracts are set to end will have no choice but to walk away, even if the season continues once global lock downs have been lifted.

Soccer’s Global Rise

One of the best examples of soccer’s growing popularity is within the United States, a country famous for having a series of homegrown sports that the people have been in love with for the last few decades But times are changing, and the love for national pastimes such as baseball and basketball are starting to fade as more people turn to soccer for their sporting entertainment needs, similarly to how many enjoy blackjack games for real money.

One of the biggest reasons behind this shift lies in the numbers, specifically the amount of money that could potentially be made from shifting to soccer. Studies within the united states have shown that more young people, especially the Millennials and their kids, are much more interested in international soccer than the older generations, and this is apparent in the drop in popularity for their other national sports.

Future World Cups

The World Cup is arguably the biggest event in the world and is followed by around 1 billion people very time it takes place. For many countries, such s the United States, the focus has been on national events, like the Super Bowl, but we’re seeing more people turn their interest toward international soccer events. The World Cup is the perfect example, and it’s speculated that there’s a good chance that the event will take place in the United States in 2026.

But it’s not just the United States that’s slowly shifting away from their traditional sports. In Australia, games like rugby and cricket have been in financial free fall for the last few years as younger generations put their interest in eSports and soccer, and it’s a trend that can be found around the globe. The simplicity of soccer, it’s playability, the large tournaments, and a new age of connected globalization means that soccer is set to be the sport of the future within the next decade.

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