The World’s Quickest Soccer Players

Professional soccer players tend to be some of the fastest athletes in the world. Not only do they train extensively but playing the game means having to sometimes display incredible feats of speed that few other athletes are capable of.

It can take years of hard work and dedication to achieve the kind of speeds that the pros can pull off on a regular basis, and it’s part of the reason that they’re often considered some of the best athletes in the sporting world.

With that in mind, these are some of the fastest soccer players in the world, both right now and throughout the history of organised soccer.

Aaron Lennon

A famed winger that has long been at the forefront of skilled players in the game, Lennon played as a winger for Burnley, a Premier League club that has seen numerous victories throughout its time in the professional sphere.

Lennon has been recorded running as fast as 33.8 kilometres per hour in a sprint, with few other athletes being able to successfully match his speed on the field. Starting out in 2003, he quickly became one of the youngest players to participate in the Premier League, where the played for Leeds United before transferring to Tottenham Hotspur.

Claudio Caniggia

Caniggia has played in a total of 3 World Cups as well as over 50 national team games for Argentina and is known as being one of the greatest strikers of all time. Although he has since retired from the sport, the player has a long and successful career as a professional that few have been able to match.

He’s known for his technique on the field, where he’s able to put on impressive displays of power and speed. Caniggia will always be lauded as one of the best players that the world has ever seen.

Dennis Rommedahl

This Danish soccer player is something of a legend within his country, having scored 21 goals in just 126 appearances. Part of his success on the field is down to his speed, and he was often able to outpace anyone that tried to keep up with him. He took part in three World Cups and was given the award for Danish Footballer of the Year in 2010, although he had been nominated for the award previously.

Wayne Rooney

Widely regarded as one of the most skilled soccer players of all time, Rooney has a long line of successes under his name and has seen the kind of winnings that are usually only reserved for mobile slots NZ players.

Not only has he long played for Manchester United, but he was also a lead player for the English national team. Over the years, Rooney has grabbed wins in the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup, the FIFA World Cup, the Premier League, and many others. He also runs incredibly quickly at a recoded 31.2 kilometres per hour.

Lionel Messi

Lastly, we have Lionel Messi, a player that needs no introduction. Both fans and experts alike consider Messi the best player in the world, an accolade that he’s no doubt earned.

His career on the field is second to none, and a large part of his success is down to his amazing speed, which has been clocked at 32.5 kilometres per hour.

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