Soccer Players With The Largest Fanbase

We live in both strange and exciting times. For the first time in history, and thanks to the widespread nature of social media, we are now able to quantify just how many people like a particular person or subject. With such platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s now possible to see just how many millions of people follow a subject.

Professional soccer players are some of the most-followed people in the world and have fanbases as large as those that are enjoyed by some of Hollywood’s most talented actors. Here we will look at professional soccer players that have the most followers in the world according to their social media.

James Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a Colombian midfielder that spent a large portion of his career playing on loan to a number of different clubs over the years, and while he was somewhat well-known in the professional world, constantly switching around made it difficult to amass a following.

This changed when he was permanently sign on to Real Madrid, which gave much greater appeal as well as visibility. It didn’t take long for to start gaining followers, and he currently has around 96 million of them across all of his social media platforms.

David Beckham

There aren’t that many people that haven’t heard the name of David Beckham. Not only is he widely considered as one of the best soccer players in the history of the game, but he managed to maintain his success long after he had officially retired from the sport, making him something of a true celebrity that people still follow to this day.

With more than 115 million followers on social media, it’s easy to forget that Beckham was once a truly talented player that changed the game of soccer forever, especially when there’s much more of a focus on his businesses and family life these days.


Not far behind Beckham is Neymar, another player that has earned his reputation and a massive following of fans. He’s known for enjoying his luxury and partying as often as he wants to, and sometimes getting in trouble with the law. The forward from Brazil has fully embraced his celebrity status and can often be found out and about enjoying his fame and wealth.

He’s made thousands and thousands of posts of his social media platform, with a particular focus on Instagram, and his presence online has given him the chance to amass around 251 million fans in the last few years, making him one of the most popular names in the world of pro soccer, and putting him in the same realm of popularity as https://onlinebingocanada.co/.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo does not need any introduction, as there are few people in the world that have not come across his name at one point or another.

Often regarded as the best soccer player that’s ever lived, it’s a fact that can easily be believed when we look at his social media presence. Currently, Ronaldo has around half a billion follows spread across the different social media platforms that he uses, far ahead of just about anyone else.

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