The Most Common Injuries Among Pro Soccer Players

There are a lot of reasons to have an understanding of some of the more common injuries that affect both amateur and professional soccer players. For some, this can just be a way to prepare for the next match between friends; for others, it can make all the difference when they want to take out a sports bet.

Injuries in soccer are not nearly as frequent as many other sports, such as rugby, but they are still fairly common, and can affect the performance of an entire team, especially of the injured players happens to be a star player.

Calf Strain

A calf strain occurs when the muscle or tendon on the calf is stretched and damage. These kinds of strains can either happen in a moment, or can slowly develop over periods of time, and can lead to selling, trouble with movement, spasms, and pain.

Training experts believe that calf strains generally occur because the player does not take the time to warm up properly, but the more times it happens, the more likely it is to occur more frequently in the future. If the strain is relatively minor, it can heal within a few days, but sometimes it can take over a month before the player is back on the field.

Ankle Sprain

Similar in many ways to a calf strain, an ankle sprain is instead either the tearing or the stretching of the ligaments that are found within the ankle. Ligaments are strong, fibrous tissues that connect bones to a joint, which means that it can be quite a painful injury that has the player out of commission for a long time. It’s one of the most common injuries among professional soccer players, and most often occurs while they are out on the field, and especially when making a slide tackle.

Usually, the player will need to wear a brace for a set amount of time, and if the sprain is bad enough, they might have to undergo physical therapy until they get to a point where they can return to the game.

Fracture In The Foot

Another injury that takes place quite often on the field is a foot fracture, which involves the breakage of one of the bones within the feet. This kind of fracture is due to overuse or landing on the foot in a position that puts an enormous amount of stress on the bones within the feet.

These can be quite difficult to recover from, as there are many small bones within the feet, and they can fracture in an erratic way. Sometimes it can be bad enough that a player might have to undergo surgery to have the bones set before they can begin to heal properly, and recovery times can take months, although this is a great time to rest, and focus on other hobbies, such as playing an instrument or keeping up to date with the latest horse racing tips today. Once surgery is completed, it’s common for the player needing to attend therapy sessions.

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