Unique Soccer Stadiums

Soccer stadiums have stood the test of time in being one of the leaders in unique architecture and interesting design concepts. From classical beauty to sheer futuristic flair, soccer stadiums see it all. The right soccer stadium has the availability to sway games in atmosphere and emotion alone.

Long-standing soccer fans have been through it all within the hallowed stands of soccer stadiums, sheer joy, crushing defeat, ecstatic euphoria and even despair.

A special soccer stadium is more than just a building, it’s a home to a motivated team and a place of homage for fans. While most soccer stadiums will retain a sentimental value to somebody, there are some soccer stadiums which are just a cut above the rest.

Soccer City, South Africa

The First National Bank Stadium, commonly referred to as soccer city, is one of the shinning achievements of architecture and sporting in South Africa. Another name for the First National Bank Stadium is Calabash, as it was built to resemble a type of pot which is extremely common in South Africa.

Initial constriction of the stadium was in 1987 but saw massive upgrades for the 2010 FIFA World Cup that took place in South Africa. With forward-thinking design language and interesting construction techniques, this 100,000 seating stadium has no seat further than 100 m from the field and there are no obstructed views.

The Float, Singapore

Nestled in the Marina Bay of Singapore, the float is a testament to ingenuity and design prowess. The stands are located on the bank of the Marina Bay, while the field itself is built floating out in the water. It may not seem like much special, but just the ballasts to keep the floating field stable and level at all times is an impressive feat on its own.

While soccer matches do not often happen here due to the stadium’s limited seating, watching a soccer match here is a special occasion in its own right.

Sandygate, UK

Sandygate is a small, inconspicuous soccer stadium in Sheffield, UK, which by all other standards would be considered nothing more than a small club stadium. What makes Sandygate so special is that it is, by a fair margin, the oldest soccer stadium in the world.

First constructed in 1804 with the first competitive game being played in 1860, Sandygate has more than 200 years of heritage behind its name, making it practically an icon to soccer fans the world over.

Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium

The Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium is in Gspon, Switzerland, and its claim to fame is a bit different from all the other stadiums around. It isn’t particularly big or even old, what Ottmar Hitzfeld has going for it is simple where it is located. Nestled in the Swiss alps, this stadium supplies a beautiful backdrop like no other.

Unlike the online roulette NZ offers, soccer is a sport greatly grounded in the roots of where the team is from. People will often most love their local stadium, as it is the stadium of their favourite team. No matter where you watch soccer, it will likely be a great experience

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