The Worst Players In Recorded Soccer History

Soccer, for the most part, has always been a sport that’s attracted some of the greatest athletes of our age, and has led to truly incredible and unforgettable moments. But it’s also a game that doesn’t always have the best players on offer; in fact, many of them are so bad at what they do that they have brought entire games to a stop.

While it’s never a good idea to constantly call out people that have made blunders, some players are so bad at what they do that they have become as legendary as the players that are considered the world’s best. These are some of the worst soccer players that have ever been on the field.

1. Savio Nsereko

West Ham took the brunt of this mistake after they paid a total of 9 million British Pounds for a  player that scored three senior goals for a 2nd tier Serie B side, and it was a mistake that they quickly came to regret their choices in 2009. The player has changed a total of 11 clubs in his career, and has failed countless times, making many wonder why he has remained in the limelight for so long.

2. Marco Boogers

Boogers was signed up by Harry Redknapp despite the former never actually having seen the player out on the field, with the hope that he would somehow magically strike goals while on the field. It turned out to be a huge mistake and would only make a total of four appearances as part of the club.

In fact, when he made his first appearance for West Ham, it didn’t take long for him to be sent off of the field.

3. Benjamin Telechea

Telechea is well known in the soccer world for somehow managing to spend an entire reaching playing top level soccer as a defender in Spain, where his team were forced to conceded 134 goals in 30 games, of which they lost 23 of them.

His defensive displays while out on the field have been called horrific and earned him a place among soccer lovers as perhaps the worst defender that’s ever lived.

4. Massimo Taibi

Taibi was an Italian goalkeeper that fetched a huge price at Manchester United, where he replaced Peter Schmeichel, a legend in the community.

Taibi is known for not always putting up the best performance, but the main reason that he’s on this list is for letting go of Matt Le Tissier’s shot during an important match that has become known internationally as one of the worst blunders of all time, the kind that one would need to win big bonuses online to bounce back from.

5. Ali Dia

Ali Dia is a story without equal, and involves one of Dia’s close friends somehow managing to get on to the phone with Graeme Souness, a manager for Southampton.

He managed to convince Souness to hire Dia by telling him that he was actually famed striker George Weah, and that he had made 13 appearances for Senegal. Obviously, once Dia was out on the field, it took just half an hour before he was substituted for a better player.

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